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2015  Animated Shorts Selections


Someone Needs to Stop Aunt Phyllis

Created by: Lisa Vandenberg (graduate of 2013 Nick Artist Program, storyboard revisionist on Sanjay and Craig)               

Penny both loves and fears spending time with her Aunt Phyllis - an unstoppable force of nature who doesn't believe in rules or consequences.  Simply put:  there is no one like Aunt Phyllis! 


The Super Dooper Studios

Created by: Sabine Ravn and Stine Buhl

Bernie, a cameraman bear, and Bingo, an actor penguin, work at a once great, now struggling film & TV studio. There, they give the audience a tour and behind the scenes look of the place.



Created by: Greg Kletsel, Valerie Lockhart, and Jaime Bassil

Dez (with her sentient hair, Hair) is the heir to Farkel's Inc., famous for its oddball products and services, where creating fun and silly adventures is just part of her daily job.


Dog and Squirrel

Created by: Andrea Gerstmann (background artist on Pig Goat Banana Cricket)

Dog is a simple dog who likes human food and wants to play as dogs do.  Squirrel is neurotic and seed-obsessed as squirrels are.


Girl from Dinosaur Island

Created by: Celestino Marina (graduate of 2014 Nick Artist Program, storyboard revisionist on Harvey Beaks)

Fearless and tough cave girl, Xotchi, along with her less brave sidekick Chuuk and her flying pterodactyl steed must rescue a stolen dinosaur egg from a mysterious group of evil-doers.



Created by: Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey

Li'l Gil always seeks attention and is full of energy & strange ideas.  Her silent sidekick and magical partner in crime, Lazybones, lives in her bag and comes to life when summoned.  He can help by transforming into a ladder, car, etc.


Space Mission: Danger

Created by: Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder

Space explorers Diego the dog and Orbot the Robot are stranded on a remote planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth Casey is the last employee at Mission Control after an apocalypse, which she keeps secret from them.


Pig and a Blanket

Created by: Brendon Ingvy Gillas

A very earnest Mr. Rogers-like Pig believes it's his duty to teach others in the woods valuable life lessons.  His trusty flying friend, Blanket, helps but doesn't always agree with Pig.


Planet Panic

Created by: Gene Goldstein (background artist on upcoming series The Loud House)

On Planet Panic, giant monsters roaming the city are as normal as morning traffic.  Pibbles is a boy hero in training and Zeus is a man-machine hybrid assigned as his partner & mentor.



Created by: Nick Arciaga (story artist on Pinky Malinky)

Toby and Gooby, two scientists at Slimelab, are hungry but have no microwave to cook their frozen burritos.


My Friend Pancake

Created by Rikke Asbjoern (Co-Creator of Pinky Malinky)

The fantastic adventures of young Hazel and her best friend, a giant talking cat named Pancake.

Together they explore a mystical, living forest where the rules of nature don't apply and strange things hide in the shadows, shrouded in mystery.


Best Baddies

Created by Max Wittert (selection from Small Press Expo)

Four mischievous baddies turn a sweet little town upside down, making all the good girls go bad!


Mini Cops

Created by: Nicolette Groome

Offier Boi and Officer Gurl aim to save the world with their magical mustaches, but their playful 'rescues' tend to cause mass destruction.

Myth of Robo Wonder Kid

Created by Joel MacKenzie

Robo is an eternally optimistic, magical robot boy created from an ancient blueprint by a group of curious mythical monsters.

Monster Taco

Created by Vincent Scala (designer on Dora)

Olivia and Ferdinand, her cat, run a Mexican food truck serving the best tacos in town!


Created by Brett Jubenville and Morghan Fortier

Norville, Mr. Gobbles and Opee are Ramblers: intergalactic scouts on a mission to explore the universe and earn badges.

Burger Bros.

Created by Kevin Li (School of Visual Arts student)

Kipp becomes BFF's with a flying, talking, puppy-like burger after he discovers a portal in the dumpster behind his fast food employer.


Created by Evan Sussman and Allison Dressler Kramer (Hero4Hire Creative)

Dougie, a young Brontosaurus living in an anthropomorphic animal city, is the delivery dino for his parent's fast-paced courier service. In every adventure, Dougie helps out a member of the community with their unique job, in an unexpected, comedic and heartwarming way.



Created by Ant Blades (Birdbox Studio, UK)

What would life be like if you had your own pony? Who was your best friend. Who lived with you. Who was doing something stupid again. Stop it, Pony. PONY!



Created by Jacinth Tan & Raihan Harun (Chips and Toon, Singapore)

Max thinks he's found his new best friend when he adopts Sharkdog – half shark, half dog, all appetite. But can Sharkdog suppress his ravenous urges and, just this once, not eat Max's homework?


Trufax: Tot Cop

Created by Jason and Méabh  Tammemägi (Mooshku, Ireland)

"The name's Truman. Truman Faxfinder. But most people call me… Tot Cop." Join the world's tiniest, cutest detective, on his noir-influenced adventures as he solves preschool mysteries.


P.E.T. Academy

Created by Robert Smith (UK)

Welcome to PET Academy, a unique school where the animal teachers and students are all masters of their own particular sport. But can they learn to combine their skills and save the day?