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​​​​​Supplier FAQ's

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about THE SWIM, the Viacom Supplier portal.  

For indepth Help in navigating the site, including step by step instructions on how to perform many of the functions below, CLICK HERE.

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expand What is The SWIM?

The SWIM (Supplier Workplace for Invoice Management) is the enhanced Supplier Portal for Viacom suppliers, business partners, and vendors. The SWIM allows users to view new and changed Purchase Orders, create invoices and credit memos, and update account administration details.

expand What are the requirements to access The SWIM?

The SWIM is available to all registered suppliers.


PC Supported Browsers:

Internet Explorer 11,  Mozilla Firefox 36, Google Chrome 11

Java 1.7.0_45


Apple/Mac Supported Browsers:

Firefox 36, Safari 8

Java 1.7.0_45


For additional information, see the document entitled “Minimum System Settings Required for the SWIM” in the HELP section.

expand How do I access The SWIM?

The SWIM can be accessed at


Enter your Username

Enter your Password

Click "Log On"


If you require additional assistance accessing the SWIM, refer to the question “What are the requirements to access The SWIM”.

expand What are the Descriptions and Functions of the various Fields in The SWIM?
All Purchase Orders
This link will bring you to all the Purchase Orders awarded to the supplier.
o All Purchase Orders – this link will bring you to all of your company's Purchase Orders
o New – New Purchase Order which has yet to be processed by supplier
o In Process – Purchase Order which has been put on Hold by supplier or have been resent by customer and require further processing by supplier
All Invoices and Credit Memos
This link will bring you to all the Invoices and Credit Memos created by the supplier:
o In Process – List of invoices and credit memos that  are being processed  by supplier
o Document Sent –– List of invoices and credit memos that have been sent to the supplier
o Create – Create an invoice or credit memo through this link

expand Is an invoice number required?
Yes, the invoice number field is required.  The number you enter in this field will be included on the payment remittance advice. Please user the legal invoice number in your invoice.

expand How do I create an invoice from a Purchase Order?

Click Here for detailed instructions on creating an invoice from a Purchase Order in the SWIM.

Please also view our Vendor SWIM Navigation video for detailed instructions on invoicing in the SWIM.


If invoicing an entity in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, or Australia, you must also attach a PDF copy of your invoice to your electronic SWIM invoice.


Note: PO invoices may also be mailed or emailed to the addresses referenced in “How do I submit an invoice, if I do not use SWIM”.

Please only reference your PO number and VAT, ABN, or GST number (where required).


expand How do I submit an invoice if I do not use SWIM?

Make sure your invoice contains the following information:

·         Your supplier number (if known)

·         Your Purchase Order (PO ) number on the face of   the invoice.

Please submit your invoice by email (or mail) to one of the addresses below.


Please submit your invoice based on the location of the Viacom entity for which you are doing business.


a. For Viacom entities In North America (Canada and the United States):

a. You can email invoices to:

b. You can send invoices by mail to:


PO Box 2232

Secaucus, NJ 07096-2232

b. For Viacom entities In Mexico:

a. You can email invoices to:


c. For Viacom entities In Colombia:

a. You can email invoices to:


d. For Viacom entities  In Brasil:

a. You can email invoices to:


e.For Viacom entities In Argentina:

a. You can email invoices to:


f. For Viacom entities In Europe, Middle East and Africa :

a. You can email invoices to:


g. For Viacom entities In Australia & New Zealand:

a. You can email invoices to:


h. For Viacom entities In Japan:

        a. You can email invoices to:


i. For Viacom entities In SEA (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines):

a. You can email invoices to:



j. For Viacom entities In China:

a. You can email invoices to:







expand How do I submit a Non-PO invoice for payment?

A Non-PO invoice MUST include all of the following information on the front of the invoice:

a. VMN company code and name (i.e. 3390 MTV Networks Europe, 2356 Viacom Networks Brasil, 2359 MTV Networks Argentina)

b. The Viacom Identification Number (VIN) of the MTVN/Viacom employee ordering the goods and/or services

c. Your supplier number (if known)

d. Include currency

e. Please note: Company code and VIN are required to ensure the invoice is processed.

f. If you are in one of the following countries please also provide your VAT, ABN, or GST number:

· Spain

· Portugal

· Germany

· Belgium

· Netherlands

· Italy

· France

· UK

· Poland

· Czech Republic

· Hungary

· Switzerland

· South Africa

· Nigeria

· Australia

· New Zealand


Please submit your invoice by email (or mail) to one of the addresses referenced in “How do I submit an invoice if I do not use SWIM?”

expand What are the Non-PO formatting guidelines?

Please be aware of the following guidelines and helpful hints from IPS, our Imaging partner, when sending a Non-PO Invoice to the email address above:

• For faster processing, please attach documents to a blank email message, i.e. don’t include “signatures” or any logos, graphics or links in the message body. These are Ok, but will slow down processing a bit. PDF format is the most efficient for processing.
• You are sending to a mailbox that is not monitored by a person, so emails are not read and “read receipt” and recall requests are not processed. Do not include any instructions in the email message body as by default, message body text is ignored.
• The primary page(s) should be first in the document to be processed and any backup/supporting pages should follow, all within the same document, e.g. PDF.
• There is a 10MB limit (per email message) for attachments, so if there are large attachments, they should be broken up and sent over multiple email messages. Do not split work items as they will not be combined back.
• Filenames may not be longer than 100 characters. Files with longer names will not be processed. Do not use any symbol characters except space, dash/hyphen and underscore.
• Sensitive/confidential documents (e.g. Social Security Numbers) should not be sent via email, as it is not a secure transport.

• Multiple documents may be attached to a single email message. For efficiency, each document should be a separate invoice or work item. However, we can accept a document that contains multiple invoices (work items.)
• If you will be scanning your own documents, e.g. with a Multifunctional Device (MFD, MFP, etc.), scan at 200 or 300dpi resolution and save as a black & white PDF document.
• Emails will be processed up to the “cut-off” time, which is usually 3PM Eastern Time (US). Emails received after that time will be processed with the next day’s work.

expand The following file types (formats) are supported as attachments:
File Extension File Type
CSV Comma-Separated Values
DOC Microsoft Word 95-2003
DOCX Microsoft Word 2007-2010
PDF Adobe Portable Document Format
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 95-2003
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2010
PRN Printer Text File
RTF Rich Text Format
TIF, TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TXT Plain Text
XLS Microsoft Excel 95-2003
XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007-2010
XML XML Format
ZIP Compressed Archive (no password)

expand How do I attach a document to an invoice?


If necessary, enter the tax amount on invoice and verify that the invoice tax and gross amounts are correct.
Click on the “Update prices” button. Click "Browse", select the document you would like to attach and click "OK".
Click the "Upload" button to submit the attachment. Click the "Send" button to submit the invoice.
To delete an attached document, click the trash can icon on the right side of the document.


expand Are there additional documents needed when submitting an invoice?

Invoice attachment is required for suppliers doing business with Viacom entities in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.


Suppliers doing business with Viacom entities in Latin America are required to upload supporting documents as attachments during the creation of Invoices. Supporting documents that are expected to be attached in SWIM Invoice submission to Viacom are as follows:

·         Scanned copy of supplier invoice

·         Letter of Award

·         Service Acceptance sheet

·         Delivery Order document, etc

·         Documents as per stipulated in Contract Terms & Conditions in the Attachments section

expand How do I check on the status of a payment?

To view the status of invoices created in the SWIM and submitted through our imager, please use the Invoice Status Report. For detailed instructions, please view the “Invoice Payment Status” document listed on the Help page.


Note: This report can be exported to in an .xls file format to Excel.

expand How do I create additional users to access The SWIM for my company?

 To create an additional user account, go to Home  > Administration> Create User

·         Agree to Data Privacy Statement

·         Fill in all fields under General User Information, Contact Information, and Settings

·         Assign the appropriate role to the new user

expand How do I change my password?

To reset your SWIM password, please reach out to the GBS Business Services team for the Viacom entity that you are doing business with.

For suppliers doing business with Viacom entities in the US, Canada, Latin, America, Australia and Asia please reach out to

For suppliers doing business with Viacom entities in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, please reach out to

Please include your company name, supplier ID/vendor number (if known), and your username (if known).

expand How do I change my company's information?

To change your company’s general account administration information (including banking details), go to Home > Administration> Company Data

·         Click CHANGE

·         Edit in the field(s) you would like to change

·         Click SAVE (located at top of the page)

Note: All changes are vetted by our Vendor Setup team and may take up to 48 hours to take effect. For additional information, please reach out to one of our Business Services teams. Please reference your supplier ID/vendor number (if known) in all requests.


expand How do I change my email address?

To change the email address for which you receive general Viacom communications and payment and PO notifications, refer to the instructions in “How do I change my company’s information?

Note: only one email address can be associated with notifications.

expand Who do I contact if I have questions that aren't answered above?

For suppliers doing business with entities in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia and Asia please reach out to the GBS Business Services team at or 1-212-846-5070.

·         Support available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

·         Calling from Latin America, you may call: 

· Mexico/ Colombia: Local number is (55) 5080-1792, calling from Colombia (+52-55) 5080-1792 

·  Brazil: Local number is (11) 3866-1822

·  Argentina: Local number is (11) 5295-5242

·         Calling from Australia (+61) 2 9921 0241

·         Calling from China (+86) 10 5915 8975

·         Calling from Japan (+81) 3 6870 7743

·         Calling from Malaysia (+60) 3 7966 5011

·         Calling from Singapore (+65) 6420 7118

·         Available from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time


For suppliers doing business with entities in Europe, Middle East, and Africa please email For you convenience, local numbers are available depending upon your language preference:


·         English : +44 203 5803540

·         Hungarian: +36 1 877 9305

·         Spanish: +34-91 502 9014

·         Portuguese: +35-121 1206634

·         French: +33 17094 9554

·         Italian: +39 02 76211 7454

·         German: +49 6969 712 5324

·         Swedish: +46 85 067 8054

·         Dutch: +31 20 493 7304

·         Polish: +48 22 4772038

·         Belgium: +32 34 003854

·         South Africa: +27 11 4282965


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