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If the supplier you wish to do business with is not present in the Supplier List within the Market portal, please see the instructions below.

Instructions on how to get a new Supplier set up:​

New suppliers will need to self-register with our company using SWIM, the Viacom Supplier portal.  To start the registration process, suppliers will need a copy of the New Supplier Letter to Self Register for their selected region. This letter contains important information that is needed to complete the registration process through the SWIM.  These forms need to be completed by the Viacom contact, and then provided to the supplier before using the registration portal. The supplier letter explains the current process for self-registering, provides the URL to start the process, helpful hints on completing each step along with links to other useful documents.  

To begin the process, head to and click on the "Register Here" button.

    SWIM Landing Page Screen.jpg

If you or the supplier have any questions about the process, or the status of the registration, you can email or call 212-846-5070 from 9am to 8pm (Eastern time) for assistance.



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